30 Year Term Life Insurance

Our 30 year term life insurance offers the longest amount of reliable and affordable coverage for Americans. This term life insurance plan is ideal for people with more significant debts or those who are planning for their future needs. As typically the longest term length available, term 30 life insurance is the perfect fit if you feel you need a more extended period of coverage or don’t feel secure enough with shorter-term plans.
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We're making changes to term life insurance

Term life insurance plans offering up to $750,000 in coverage amounts.
There are no doctor visits or face-to-face meetings with our agents at any point.
We're cutting down on wait times so you can get your plan faster than ever before.

Key features and benefits of our plan

Easy eligibility plans
Available for people ages 18 to 50 with no doctor visits required to apply. With our 30 year term life insurance plan, you can get up to $750,000 in coverage.
Reliable Coverage
Our term 30 life insurance coverage lasts up to age 95.
Fixed Premiums
Your premiums are guaranteed to remain the same for the entirety of your initial term. This aspect of the plan ensures that you always know the exact cost of your premium payments.
Renewable terms
Renew your term for continued coverage when you need it the most. When your term plan ends, you have the option to renew the coverage for another term length.

The peace of mind 30 year term life insurance can offer.

Covering more substantial and long-term financial debts
Your plan’s benefit can help your family pay down more significant debts like a mortgage or line of credit. A term 30 life insurance plan can make covering these expenses easy for your loved ones when you are no longer around.
Retirement preparation and income protection
You can use the benefit from your term 30 plan to help your surviving beneficiaries protect their way of life during retirement.
Protecting a family business and passing it on
Your beneficiaries can choose to use the plan’s benefit to keep a family business up and running, ensuring it carries on and continues to grow.

What is a 30 year term life insurance policy?

A 30 year term life insurance plan is a form of temporary life insurance coverage. Most term life insurance policies offer up to several hundred thousand in coverage amounts. With a 30 year term life insurance policy, the insured person pays fixed premiums and reliable coverage for three decades. This term life plan is typically the longest temporary option available on the market, aside from the term 100, which works almost like permanent life insurance.
Unlike traditional permanent plans like whole life insurance, term life coverage doesn't have a cash value or investment component within the policy. By cash value we mean the money you can obtain when you end your life insurance protection. Term life insurance policy is however a good fit for many people as it's the most affordable plan.
A 30-year term life insurance plan provides Americans with straightforward and comprehensive financial security for their beneficiaries.

What is a 30 year term life insurance policy?Why should you choose a 30 year term plan?

This form of term life policy is an excellent option for individuals looking for affordable financial protection for the people who mean the most. Here are some situations where a 30 year term life insurance plan can be helpful:
Planning for your future
If you are a young individual or young couple, a 30 year term plan can benefit you. This is especially true for newlyweds who are starting to plan for their future. As a young couple, both individuals likely rely on each other to cover debts like student loans and day-to-day living expenses.
A 30-year term life insurance plan can provide reliable coverage right up until you are ready to retire, meaning you can lock in a low rate for 30 years. So, as you grow as a couple and take on new milestones like having children or getting a new home, your term plan can help ensure your loved ones are financially secure.
You're the primary breadwinner
If you are the primary breadwinner, you have the responsibility of having the main source of income to provide for your loved ones and protect their future. Your income will likely help with education costs for your children, mortgage repayment, and any additional cost such as medical bills that would be left unpaid after you're gone.
If your spouse or partner doesn't work or is a stay-at-home parent, a 30 year term life insurance plan can help ensure that they are appropriately taken care of if something happens to you. Leaving a spouse or partner behind with bills and other expenses can be incredibly difficult, especially for those who aren't working.
You have a special needs child
Parents of a special needs child may have to provide financial support for much longer in the child's life. The health of your child may require more financial support, which means having coverage for a more extended period can be beneficial.
Term life insurance that offers up to 30 years of coverage is often the most affordable way to help in this situation and provide as much money as possible for the future of their child. This life insurance policy will allow parents a secure safety net, financially-speaking while providing their children with lifelong care and support.
You have larger debts
When you have debts like car loans, a mortgage, credit card debt, or any other personal loans, if something happens to you, the responsibility of covering them can fall to your surviving family members.
Your student loan is still not paid? It will follow you as you age, especially if you only pay the minimum amount in repayment. Also, any debts signed with your spouse or partner will be passed on to them if you pass away.
There is no telling what life has in store for us. Even if you have a solid debt repayment plan, the unexpected could happen, leaving your loved ones without proper financial support. The right life insurance plan can help in this situation. With a term life insurance plan offering 30 years of coverage, you will have the largest term policy possible, giving you more time to settle any outstanding debts. This term period is perfect for people who want to buy life insurance and not think about it anymore.

What is a 30 year term life insurance policy?Why should you choose a 30 year term plan?

As with any term life insurance or permanent life insurance policy, you have to apply for coverage through a life insurance company and be advised by a financial professional who will study your needs. When you purchase life insurance, most traditional options require you to undergo a medical exam or answer a health questionnaire during the application process. If you are in excellent health, you may obtain an excellent rate!
Once you qualify for coverage and purchase your plan, your life insurance protection is active. Depending on the life insurance company you choose, there may be a waiting period (typically two years is the norm practiced by any insurance company). During this time, if you pass away, your beneficiaries will receive a return of premiums instead of the plan's death benefit: which means reimbursement of the term life policies that you paid.
When your 30-year term life plan is active, your family has 30 years of reliable financial coverage. The death benefit pays out to your selected beneficiaries if you pass away when the plan is in force. When they receive the plan's benefit, your beneficiaries can choose to use it in any way they wish to face other life events.
Ready to choose your term life policy? You’re probably wondering how much it would cost?
Good health is always a good start to saving money on your life insurance protection as your level of health will directly impact the cost of premiums. Costs may vary by state also as taxes are not the same: this is why the insurance rates given on the internet will never reflect your own personal rate.
Our financial advisors are ready to help you today to give you a term life insurance quote and help you to buy life insurance that will fit your family's needs.
No matter your life insurance needs, a 30-year term life insurance policy can provide affordable financial security for the ones you love, to help them face any financial obligations and life events.
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