10 Year Term Life Insurance

Our 10 year term life insurance is simple temporary coverage that is popular with young professionals and new homeowners. As the most affordable term plan on the market, our term 10 life insurance is a perfect starting point for people looking for dependable, low-cost coverage for any temporary needs.
Get a free no-obligation quote now and discover your options.

We do Term Life Insurance differently

Up to $750,000 in affordable coverage amounts.
No doctor visits and no face-to-face meetings with agents.
Get your policy fast with no lengthy waiting times.

Key features and benefits of our plan

Easy eligibility plans
Our 10 year term life insurance is available for people ages 18 to 70 with no doctor visits required to apply. Depending on your age, you can qualify for up to $250,000, $500,000 or $750,000 in coverage.
Reliable Coverage
Our term 10 life insurance coverage lasts up to age 95.
Fixed Premiums
The premiums remain the same for your entire term. So you always know the cost of your premium payments.
Renewable terms
Renew your term for continued coverage when you need it the most. If you still feel that you need your plan by the end of your term, you can renew your coverage and continue benefitting from the financial security of your plan.

The peace of mind term 10 life insurance
can offer.

Covering new and exciting milestones
Your beneficiaries can use the term 10 life insurance plan’s benefit in several different ways. From a down payment on a home to helping to start a business, your plan can make a big difference in their life.
Temporary debts and day-to-day expenses
The plan’s benefit offers complete protection for your beneficiaries’ day-to-day bills and other daily expenses. This coverage helps take care of your loved ones if something happens to you.
Providing access to education
Do you have young children? Or planning to have kids? Your term plan’s benefit can help cover education costs for them. Tuition, textbooks, and travel expenses can be costly to cover on their own. Term 10 life insurance can provide access to education, even if you are no longer around.
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