10 Year Term Life Insurance

Our 10 year life insurance plan is simple temporary coverage that is popular with young professionals and new homeowners. As the most affordable term plan on the market, our term 10 life insurance is a perfect starting point for people looking for dependable, low-cost coverage for any temporary needs.
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We do Term Life Insurance differently

Up to $750,000 in affordable coverage amounts.
No doctor visits and no face-to-face meetings with agents.
Get your policy fast with no lengthy waiting times.

Key features and benefits of our plan

Easy eligibility plans
Our 10 year plan is available for people ages 18 to 70 with no doctor visits required to apply. Depending on your age, you can qualify for up to $250,000, $500,000 or $750,000 in coverage.
Reliable Coverage
Our term 10 life insurance coverage lasts up to age 95.
Fixed Premiums
The premiums remain the same for your entire term. So you always know the cost of your premium payments.
Renewable terms
Renew your term for continued coverage when you need it the most. If you still feel that you need your plan by the end of your term, you can renew your coverage and continue benefitting from the financial security of your plan.

The peace of mind term 10 life insurance
can offer.

Covering new and exciting milestones
Your beneficiaries can use the term 10 life insurance plan’s benefit in several different ways. From a down payment on a home to helping to start a business, your plan can make a big difference in their life.
Temporary debts and day-to-day expenses
The plan’s benefit offers complete protection for your beneficiaries’ day-to-day bills and other daily expenses. This coverage helps take care of your loved ones if something happens to you.
Providing access to education
Do you have young children? Or planning to have kids? Your term plan’s benefit can help cover education costs for them. Tuition, textbooks, and travel expenses can be costly to cover on their own. Term 10 life insurance can provide access to education, even if you are no longer around.
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What is a 10 Year Term Life Policy?

One of the best financial products to guarantee your family's financial future is 10-year term life insurance. The main characteristic of this term life insurance policy is that the premium remains level for the duration of the life insurance policy and offers a guaranteed death benefit.

Once the coverage period is over, you have two options to keep the coverage. The first option, renew your term life insurance policy. The second option, buy life insurance with a longer duration or permanent life insurance.

Finally, it is worth mentioning, with our life insurance company, you can purchase your 10 Year Term Life Insurance easily with our simple phone process, without the need for a medical exam, face-to-face meetings, or filling out a myriad of documents.

Why You Should Choose A 10 Year Policy

It is a reality that premiums in Term Life Insurance increase over time. For this reason, many clients choose to purchase a longer-term policy to provide coverage to their loved ones. However, think about your needs before deciding which term life insurance policy is right for you. For example, 10-year term life insurance is the most affordable plan on the market, and that's just one of the reasons to select this type of coverage to settle your financial responsibilities, final expenses, medical bills, or funeral costs in case you die unexpectedly. So, we made a list of why a 10-year term life insurance can be a policy that fits your coverage needs.

Age - Without fear of being wrong, age is one of the factors that most affect term life insurance rates because premiums increase over time. Also, most insurance companies do not insure beyond a certain age limit, so obtaining a term life insurance with a longer-term length limit can be difficult. A 10-year term life insurance is ideal for these types of scenarios. For example, Iris is 69 years old and in good health. However, she needs to ensure the well-being of her grandson because she is his primary caregiver. A 10-Year Term Life Insurance is a life insurance policy that can work for her because it is one of the most economical in the market. In addition, it can guarantee the financial well-being of her loved ones in the event of her death.

Short-term financial needs - 10-year term life insurance offers financial protection to your loved ones for a specified period. Let's imagine your son is in college. If you pass away, it will probably be difficult for him to pay for his education. However, thanks to your life insurance policy, your child can achieve the goal that has cost both of you so much effort, even if you are no longer here. As a reminder, buying life insurance with us ensures that your child can pay off his student loans. Also, with our insurance policies, you can renew your term with no medical exam.

Mortgage payment - If you have just under ten years to finish paying your mortgage, 10 Year Term Life Insurance is a financial tool that can help your spouse settle your home payment in the event of your death. In this way, if you pass away, you will be protecting the financial future of your loved ones, as well as guaranteeing them a place to live for the rest of their lives.
Retirement planning - Your children are likely financially independent, and your partner is living comfortably on retirement savings and income by now. However, a term life insurance policy can work as financial protection for your loved ones. On the other hand, with the death benefit of your life insurance, you can help your children buy their first home or give your grandchildren financial support for their studies.

In search of a healthy life - If you are overweight, have high blood pressure, or are a smoker, the cost of life insurance is likely to be expensive for you. However, if you want to protect the future of your loved ones in the event of your death, changing certain habits will help you achieve more affordable coverage. Term life insurance is a great option to offer your family financial protection while improving your health. Later, you can get a longer-term life insurance policy because your health is better.

10-year term life insurance benefits

A 10-year term life insurance is a term life insurance policy that you can purchase without medical exams, face-to-face meetings, and it is not difficult to renew coverage. However, before purchasing Life Insurance, we suggest you review your needs and budget to select the term life policy that best suits you.

The 10 Year Insurance offers excellent coverage and has a wide variety of benefits that we will mention below.

It is not a secret that the most affordable policy offered by Life Insurance companies in the market is the 10-year term policy. Without a doubt, a functional financial tool that helps mitigate financial risks in the event of sudden death.

In general, life insurance companies allow life insurance riders to be added to this type of term policy to improve coverage and add benefits to your life insurance.

Term life insurance is reliable because once you get the policy, the insurance company cannot increase the cost of your premiums or cancel your plan as long as the premiums are paid on time, and the insured person dies during the policy period.

How Does 10-Year Term Life Insurance Work?

As its name implies, 10 Year Term Life Insurance is a policy that offers coverage for ten years, with the promise of paying a death benefit if the insured person dies during the coverage period in exchange for a premium.

But, what happens when term life insurance ends?

When the policy reaches the end of its term, there are four possibilities to consider.

1. Renew the policy.
2. Get it into permanent life insurance
3. Acquire a new life insurance policy.
4. Cancel the policy, which would leave you without coverage.

Term Life Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

What is Term Life Conversion?

It is the option that some insurance companies offer to convert a term life insurance policy into permanent life insurance.

What is an Accelerated death benefit?

It is a benefit that allows you to access the death benefit of the insured's life insurance if they are diagnosed with a severe or terminal illness. However, you have to check that your term life policy includes it.

Can I cash out a term life insurance policy?

Term Life Insurance policies are among the least expensive on the market because they have no cash value.

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